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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is the process by which we increase the percentage of people visiting your site who become your clients.

The Pro Web Performance, Conversion Optimization Process begins with an analysis of your website traffic so that we understand a visitor's behavior and then we follow a number of strategies designed to optimize the onsite experience and boost results.

  1. We identify where visitors to your site are coming from and what they are doing when they are on your site.
  2. On each page of your site, we review the messaging and calls to action and constantly rework this information to improve the sites responsiveness
  3. We look at the visitor's behavior on your site in order to develop strategies to engage them further and encourage a specific action
  4. We eliminate unnecessary requests for information to streamline the process for purchases or service requests
  5. We reduce the number of visual distractions on the webpage so that the user's eyes focus on the desired information and call to action
  6. We add content and special features to web pages to promote trust with the user.

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